Website Examples

The Soho WebMaker enables you to produce a regular website with a matching mobile site. There are many design layouts available and you can view single-page examples of the design layouts by clicking on the image below.


Tutorials Overview

The SOHO Web Maker system provides a variety of functions for creating and managing your website. Each function is simple to operate for rapid website development.

Please read the introduction below and continue by selecting the subjects/links on the left of this page.

MENU Option

After logging in to your User Account you will see a drop-down selection box labeled MENU. There are two menu options;

  • The ACCOUNT option for managing your password and contact details etc.
  • The WEBSITE option for creating and managing your website.

The Account Option

From here you can edit/view

  • Contact details
  • Password
  • Support contact details
  • Subscription details


The Website Option

From here you can edit/view

  • Website design
  • Header & Footer
  • Pages
  • Social Network Badges (Linked in, Twitter, Facbook)
  • Image Gallery
  • Widget Gallery
  • Search Engine Optimization and Google Statistics
  • Mobile Site


The HELP option is shown in throughout the system and is context sensitive - the Help information relates to the task being carried out at the time.

Preview and Publish Your Website

Your website name appears alongside the Preview/Publish option so you can click on the name and quickly view your published website at any time.

The Preview/Publish button above appears in all the areas where you are making changes to your website so that you can preview your changes at any time.

Preview Mode

You can view the website in the Preview mode where you can

  • publish your website changes
  • cancel without publishing: