Image Gallery

You upload images to your Image Gallery and these images can then be used anywhere in your website pages as single pictures, in widgets or as part of a slideshow.

You can add captions to the images in the Image Gallery and these will appear on your slideshows.

  • Edit an image - select to modify image, caption or image description.
  • Delete an image - select to delete this image completely - ** All widgets, webpages or slideshows containing this image may show an error. Make sure the image is not being used before deleting **

Add a new Image

To add a new image click the ADD NEW IMAGE button. On clicking this button a dialog will appear as shown below:


  1. Select "Browse" to locate the image on your machine
  2. Select Upload File to send it to the system
  3. Enter a caption for the image - this is used in the slideshows
  4. Enter a description - this is used for search engine optimization
  5. Select Save