Edit Page Content

You can create and modify the main content for a web page by clicking on the above icon that appears on each Page Panel on your Page Summary screen.



The following options are available:

  • Delete the web page 
  • Set the display to on/off - if set to off the page is not shown on the website.
  • Provide a Page Name - this appears in the menu/navigation bar of your website
  • Add content using the WYSIWYG Editor (see below)
  • Add Search Engine Optimization (see below)

The WYSIWYG Editor for adding content

The Editor shown below is used to add/edit content for your web page.


At the top are the editor are the following options:

  • add paypal. flash or a youtube video respectively
  • insert an image from the image gallery (you need to load your images into the gallery before you can insert them into your page content)
  • insert a link to another website or a page within your own website
  • insert an email address
  • copy contents from another page
  • add columns
  • editor help guide for all functions within the top blue toolbar, bold, underline etc.


Search Engine Optimization

In order for the search engines, eg Google, bing, yahoo to see your web page the following settings are available.

  • SEO Filename - two/three words describing the content of the page seperated by a hyphen.

EG: vancouver-tent-sales

  • SEO Title - a short title to describe the page - this is shown in the search engine results, eg google

EG: Tent Sales in Vancouver

  • SEO Keywords - a list of keywords seperated by a comma to describe the page

EG: Tent Sales, Vancouver Tents, Event Tent Sales

  • SEO Summary - a couple of sentences describing the page - this is shown in the search engine results, eg google

EG: Tent Sales in the Vancouver area that are for sale or hire. Use for parties or special occassions.