Edit Page Widgets

A widget can have a mixture of different components including text, images and links. Widgets are self-contained components and need to be made in the Widget Gallery before you can add them to a web page.

You can position the widgets:

  • Vertically on the right side of your web page
  • Vertically on the left hand side of your web page
  • Horizontally at the base of your web page under the main content area.

Adding a Widget to a Page





Select the ADD button to add a widget to the page.


Select xREMOVE to remove a widget from the page.
























Selecting the ADD Button

On selection of the ADD button you will see a dialog (shown below) which allows you to select the widget to add. All widgets are made using the Widget Gallery and this dialog shows all widgets currently within the Widget Gallery.

Extra Info

The appearance (size and color) of the widget on your web page will vary depending on:

  • The layout style chosen for your website design
  • The color selected for your Widgets in your website design
  • The formatting you have applied when creating the widget in your Widget Gallery