Edit Page SlideShow

You can create a slideshow for your web page from images in your Image Gallery by clicking on the above icon that appears on your page summary screen.

The Page Slideshow appears at the bottom of the web page and has the following features:

  • A Play/Pause Slideshow link which automatically scrolls through the images in a repeating loop.
  • A thumbnail display along the bottom where you can select a single image to view in the slideshow.
  • Control arrows either side of the thumbnail images to scroll manually through the images.
  • Captions for an image - the captions are loaded with the image when loading it into the Image Gallery.

Adding a Slideshow to a Page



The screen below shows what images are currently in the slideshow.


Using the ADD/REMOVE button allows you to edit or remove the slideshow


On selecting this button you are presented with a screen which allows you to modify the slideshow.