Contact Page

NB. The Contact Form function is optional. The form is available for contacting the website owner so that the owner does not need to publish their own email address and so greatly reduce spam emails.

The contact form operates as follows:

  • The website owner provides an email address for forwarding messages from the website visitor
  • The website owner provides a message for the website visitor's email receipt (this can include an email address for subsequent direct contact from the website visitor)
  • The website visitor receives a copy of their message if they provide an email receipt address

Setting up the Contact Form

Settings explained below:

  • Email - The email address that all messages should go to. i.e. the website owners email address.
  • Message - The automated response message that is sent to the visitor of the site that used the contact form
  • SPAM protector - An extra level of security that stops automatic posting of the contact form on the website


A sample contact form on the website with details as filled in below:



The response that the visitor (the form filler) receives once they have submitted the form.