Restaurant Menu


You can test the restaurant menu function on the following demonstration website: Test the Restaurant Menu


The image below shows the options for setting up a restaurant menu in your SOHO Webmaker account. 

Most of the above items are self-explanatory.

The Intro Text option enables you to place some introductory text at the top of the Restaurant Menu page. It also has the option for providing extended information about the products and other useful information such as delivery options etc.

If the extended information option is used then a button labeled 'Information' is generated for the display (as shown below).



The form for entering your Intro Text is shown below. 

Add A Menu Category

You can include an image for the category header by simply uploading any suitable image. The image will be cropped to fit the display.

You can set the order in which your categories are displayed on the Menu using the category Reorder option as shown in the options in the image at the top of the page.


Add a Menu Item

You can adda menu item as shown below and place it in the appropriate category from the drop-down list provided.